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Daisy Mining Consultancy is a company approved by the ministry of minerals and has a dealers license to export gold. The Copper Cathode and Gold we source is directly from our partner companies in Africa, whereby we are able to supply to our clients with large quantities of Gold, Copper Cathode on monthly basis.
Our company started operations recdently though registred in early 2004. It is based in dar es salaam Tanzania. Its main objective is to source products from our region of east and Central Africa for foreign clients. With the exception of one member, the board of directors comprises who have retired from the corporate world as well as the civil and diplomatic services. The exception is a senior government official.

Gold Nuggets

Purity: 98.82%
Finesse: 22 Carats
Price: $25,000/Kg
Quantity: 200kgs/month
Country of Origin: D.R. Congo
Packing: Metal Box
Delivery: Cif buyers destination

Commodity: Cu Cathodes
Price: 25% less lme
Quality: 99.99%
Country of Origin: DR Congo transit Zambia
Delivery: CIF Buyer Destination
Packing: In 20 feet Containers
Quantity: 5000MT
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